Hi, I'm Lyle! I'm just trying to create a legacy I can be excited to share with my (future) kids some day.

While a SLUdent at Saint Louis University for undergrad, I started to become more interested in outdoor recreation. When I moved to Madison, WI for work after graduation in 2011, I dove into more camping, climbing, and any other opportunities to explore the various environments of the world. But corporate life only leaves so much free time to explore the things you're interested in...

2 years ago I hatched a plan to save up money to leave my job and take some time to travel. Eventually I realized that while world travel would be an amazing experience, the United States itself is gifted with a beautifully diverse and captivating landscape entirely worth my efforts.

So, on June 30 I'm leaving my EMR consulting job of nearly 6 years to launch into a lot of unknowns, dedicate myself to new endeavors, chase after hobbies, and really get to know the diversity (in all ways) of the huge country I call home.

Thanks for checking out my site and following what I'm doing. I hope it resonates with and inspires you in whatever way it can!